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Parish Self-Study and Evaluation Process Very Successful!

Dear Parish Family Member:

This year the Archdiocese of Denver embarked upon a process of pastoral planning, and each parish in the Archdiocese was involved in the process. The purpose of this endeavor was to determine the best way to provide continued and long-term sacramental ministry and pastoral care to the people of the Archdiocese. As part of this planning process, each parish conducted a self-study and evaluation and submitted data that is now being analyzed by the various groups that advise Archbishop Aquila. At Spirit of Christ, this included a Parish Survey and a Parish Questionnaire, which helped us on the parish level determine and affirm what we do well, assess and discern what we can do better, and envision and plan for our future.

The Parish Survey was conducted in February and March, and nearly 1,500 people filled it out. The results of that Survey are included in a slide format.  In reviewing the slides, you will see a number, an equal sign and a percentage (753=54.1%).  The number represents the number of people who chose that answer; the percent figure is what that number represents by percentage in relation to the other responses.  For example on the slide with the statement “Masses at Spirit of Christ feed my mind, heart and soul,” 753 people or 54.1% of those who responded said they “strongly agree,” 592 people or 42.5% said they “agree,”   41 people or 2.9% said they “disagree” and 7 people or 0.5% said they “strongly disagree.”   Also on the far right on some graphs, you will see the combined agreement/disagreement.  So using that same example, a total of 1,345 people or 96% percent answered “strongly agree” or “agree” while  a total of 48 people or 3.4% answered “strongly disagree” or “disagree.”  (For complete letter, click here.)

For survey results, click here.

Parish Finance Report

Restored Order for the Sacraments of Initiation

Parish Activities

August 31 Adult Bible Study Information Meeting...(more info)

September 11 - 13 Retrouvaille - A Lifeline for Marriage....(more info)

September 12 - 13 Small Group Communities Sign-up....(more info)

September 26 Hands of the Carpenter Car Care Clinic....(more info)

October 3 Respect Life Rosary & Walk....(more info)

October 28 Italy Pilgrimage...(more info)



Spirit of Christ is a Stewardship Community

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Parish Mission Statement

"We, the diverse members of this vibrant Catholic Community, commit ourselves to loving and serving one another in the unifying and healing Spirit of Jesus. We value and celebrate the breaking of the bread as the source and summit of our Christian lives. We strive to reach out in our brokenness to all of our brothers and sisters as we together struggle for a more just and equitable society."

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