Divorce & Annulment Workshop
A half-day workshop featuring Judges from the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Denver will be held on April 21 at Spirit of Christ for anyone interested in learning about Catholic Church teachings on Divorce and Annulment. Also present to provide info: Sacred Heart Counseling, Rainbows for All Children Support Group, and the Divorce Ministry.
When : Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 9-12pm
Cost: FREE

Mission Statement:  The mission of this ministry is to provide compassionate Christian education and awareness that helps those dealing with separation or divorce, to heal and rebuild their lives.

Program Summary:  This program is a DVD-based series with accompanying materials that bring top Catholic experts on Church teachings, relationships, love, sex, marriage, divorce and annulments to the parish level. The twelve presentations feature the personal testimonies of twelve divorced Catholic men and women who share their real-life stories of hope and healing.

The parish program includes ongoing leader support, personal guides for the group participants, and a website with links, downloads, and other helpful information for anyone who wants to know more about what the Catholic Church teaches relative to love, sex, marriage, divorce and annulments.

The primary goal of this program is to lead those who are suffering and in need of answers (in this case, those who have been separated or divorced) to a more intimate knowledge of and love for Christ, through his Church.

For questions about this ministry, please contact Tim Sexauer by email. or call the office at 303-422-9173.

Rainbows for All Children (Rainbows) is a nonprofit organization providing structured, age- specific, peer support groups for children 3-18 years old who are grieving the loss of a family member as a result of death, divorce, life-threatening illness, incarceration, military deployment, or other life-altering event. Approximately 61 million (over 83%) of children living in the United States will experience one or more of these traumatic events at some point during their childhood. Headquartered in Evanston, IL, we have been operating for 33 years and have sites across the United States and internationally. The groups are open to any child, from any economic, racial, ethnic, and religious background.

 Here is what our program can do for your child(ren):

         improve their school attendance, behavior and academic performance;

         help develop and strengthen their problem-solving skills and appropriate behavior and anger management;

         help alleviate their depression and anxiety;

         reduce their emotional pain and suffering;

         improve their communication skills; and

         reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior such as their involvement with gangs, alcohol and substance abuse.


Rainbows trains the leaders of these support groups and provides them with the skills, confidence and materials needed to facilitate the consistent and proven curriculum.  Rainbows’ programs are delivered in the children’s schools, faith-based organizations, community centers, and other sites where the children are already comfortable. Unlike individual therapy, the children are able to grieve, communicate and heal among peers; they no longer feel alone in their grief and they gain confidence from the group support.

 "Rainbows is sharing my feelings and being with people who care."

                            -4th Grade Participant

Next Surviving Divorce program here at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community starts Fall 2018. All who have experienced the pain and loneliness of a broken marriage will find comfort and counsel consistent with Catholic Church teachings. Registration is requireddownload form or link to online form here.  Seating is limited. This is a 12 week program and costs $25.00. Email Tim for more information.

Rainbows for All Children is now forming groups at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community.  To Register for this Group, please contact socrainbows@spiritofchrist.org or call the office at 303-422-9173.