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Lifelong faith formation is for all ages.  SOC has various bible studies, adult classes and group communities. Contact information and programs available are found by clicking below:

The Anchor is a family-oriented program to inspire lifelong faithfulness by anchoring families in Christ's love and the Church. It includes traditional religious education to supplement LBC for children pre-K through 6th grade, catechesis for parents, prayer services, and community building. Download an information brochure here.

Participants meet on Wednesday evenings through the school year.


Anticipated Mass: Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday Mass: 7 AM, 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM,                           12:15 PM and 5:00 PM

Fr. Chris' Catholic Cultural Corner



Fr. Chris will be leading a pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle of Ireland in May of 2018.  more...

LBC or Lectionary Based Catechesis offers religious formation for children from 3 years old through 4th grade. Children are dismissed from the worship space before the Mass begins and return to join their families at the offertory. For more information, please click here.


Totus Tuus for those going into 1st through 6th grades, is a summertime, week long, youth oriented Catholic catechetical program.  It promotes Catholic faith including virtues, sacraments and the rosary. It is held in July with registration in June.  Contact Juliette Frueh: totus@spiritofchrist.org

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week of fun filled interactive mornings where children learn bible stories and truths.  Each daily theme focuses on a bible story that is taught through songs, games, video, crafts, play and a snack.  VBS is held in June with registration in April.  Contact Eyda Hergenreder: vacationbibleschool@spiritofchrist.org


Back in early October, I wrote of a newly beatified in our church:  Fr. Stanley Rother.  Fr. Stanley was an Oklahoma farm boy, who was ordained for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.  In 1981, while serving as a missionary in Guatemala, he was murdered for his support of the indigenous poor of that country.  His beatification marked the first for an American-born man.

To this short list is now added Fr. Solanus Casey.  Fr. Solanus was a Capuchin priest born in 1870 in Oak Grove, Wisconsin, the sixth of sixteen children of Bernard and Ellen Casey, Irish immigrants.  He was born Bernard Francis.  At the age of 8, he was afflicted with diptheria which damaged his voice, leaving it wispy and impaired for the rest of his life.  After his school years, he worked as a lumberjack, a hospital orderly, a prison guard and a street car operator.  He entered diocesan seminary in 1891, for the Diocese of Milwaukee.  Because he was a poor student, he was advised to enter religious life.  Traveling to Detroit, he entered the Capuchin Order in 1897, and given the religious name Solanus.  In 1904, he was ordained to the priesthood, but as a simplex priest.  This meant he could say Mass, but could not preach or hear confessions.   This was a practice of the time given his poor academics.

Throughout the 20's, 30's and 40's, he worked in Detroit, serving as porter for the frairies.  The porter was the doorkeeper.  Through this work, he counseled many people who came to him for advice and help.  Known for his generosity, compassion and sage advice, miracles came to be attributed to him during his lifetime.  Acknowledging his terrible singing voice, he mastered the violin.  He also had a passion for jogging, long before it became popular.

His health began to fail after World War II.  For the last ten years of his life, he suffered from psoriasis.  At the time of his death on July 31, 1957., the cause of his death was even listed as "psoriasis and its complications."  Miraculous cures continued to be attributed to him after his death, and by those who visited his tomb.  In 1987, the friars exhumed his body in anticipation of a cause for sainthood.  His body was found on exhumation to be incorrupt. 

His cause was initiated in 1976.  In 1995, Pope John Paul II declared him Venerable, the first step toward canonization.  In 2015, a miracle attributed to him was accepted by the Vatican.  On May 4, 2017, Pope Francis announced that Fr. Solanus Casey, OFMCap would be beatified.  The beatification took place on Nov. 18, 2017, just three weeks ago!  It was performed by Cardinal Angelo Amato.  An estimated crowd of 60,000 attended the Beatification Mass at Ford Field in Detroit.  Two American farm boys, Fr. Stanley Rother and Fr. Solanus Casey teaching and witnessing to the faith by their heroic virtues!