If you would like to request a prayer for the Prayer List or Military List, then please call the front office at 303-422-9173.

Loving God, bless those in service to our country with your protection.
We pray especially for: Click here to see the list.

Listed are the names of those who are in a hospital/institution, seriously ill or going through a difficult time.

It is our policy to keep names on the prayer list for two monthes. If you would like a name that you submit to be kept on for longer, then please let the Parish Office know.

Please pray for: Click here to see the list.


Intercessory Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of Catholic spirituality.  My first grade teacher's definition: "lifting our heart and mind to God" still stands today as an excellent definition.  However, there comes a time when prayer becomes a struggle if not down right difficult.  This is when intercessory prayer plays a major role in joining with you and praying with you and for you.  We become prayer partners.

We have a group of intercessor, who will hold your special need in prayer on your behalf.  We will not contact you or try to counsel you.  You need to trust that someone is praying for you.

Just login to: Complete the information and fill in your prayer request.  You will receive an acknowledgement that your request was received.