All pastors of parishes are to exercise consultation through a Parish Pastoral Council and are to do so according to the Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils of the Archdiocese of Denver.

The members of the Parish Pastoral Council serve a three year term with at least one member being replaced yearly.   It is the responsibility of the pastor to determine the manner by which members of the Parish Pastoral Council are chosen.

The primary purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to advise the pastor on the development of pastoral priorities for the parish.

Current members are:


Rick Langfield

Tom Lyons

Dave Reinecke

Michael Shepherd

Adrian Feijoo  

Tom Ariniello

Current Members:

Joshua Saylor

Dorothy Barr

Charles Cooper

Katie Cassady

Lucas Frerich, youth

Ramon Alatorre

Amanda Perrault

Melody Simpson, youth

Vince Frerich

Beth Zarian

Silvia Quintana

Fr. Chris Renner