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Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

Below is a list of all current emails at Spirit of Christ.  These are not live links, they are listed for your reference. Please use the Staff page or Ministry page for more information about each.  You may contact IT support if you think you or your group could benefit from a email. ----------------AA ---------Anthony Gallegos -----------Alanon -----------Alanon for teens -------Altar Servers Coordinator ----------ANAWIM -Art/Environment at SOC ----------------Audio Visual -Baptismal garment sewing Bridges to -----Contemplative Living ---------Birthright sewing ministry ---Blankets for babies sewing ministry --------Gift Nook -----------Bev Smith ---------Boy Scout Troop #7 --Centering prayer -------Children's Liturgy volunteers --------Cathi Politano ----Deacon Charlie Hahn -----Deacon Norm Ridder ---Divorce Ministry ----------Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion coordinator ----------Exercise in the spirit --------Exterier gardens volunteers ----------Fair Trade products --------Food Coop group ------------Father Chris ------------Father Greg --Funeral reception                      volunteers (Touch) ----------George Ketchel, Finance ---Great Adventure Bible Study -----------Mass greeters coordinator -----Growing Home ministry Splitt, AV ministry ------Homebound ministry -------------Help Our People Eat ministry ---------EMHC hospital ministry --------Interior garden volunteers -----IT Support --------Janette Feyhoe --------Kathy Galiffa Krisman -----------Knights of Columbus ---------Krissy Jensen, Jr. High Edge -----Ladies Auxiliary  --------Mass linens laudering ministry ----Magnificat Moms of preschoolers ----Mary Star of Hope ------Priest meals ministry ---Migrant ministry ----------------MS support group -------------Music ministry -------------Myles Ogea, Music Director -----------Nursery coordinator -----------Patti Hayes ----Prison ministry ---------Rainbows for Children -----------Readers coordinator --------Respect Life -Reverse collection coordinator -----------Richard Deanda, Youth -----------Rosary makers --------------Ruth Carvalho ------------Scott Breay, Facilities -------------S.H.O.W. -------------Silvia Quintana -Coordinator for Private events at SOC --------Library/Resource Center -----Soup kitchen -------------General Inquiries Levesque -------Anchor program ----Anchor program leaders -------------That Man Is You -------------Totus Tuus ------------Ushers coordinator --Vacation Bible School ----------------Young at Heart