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Lifelong faith formation is for all ages.  SOC has various bible studies, adult classes and group communities. Contact information and programs available are found by clicking below:

The Anchor is a family-oriented program to inspire lifelong faithfulness by anchoring families in Christ's love and the Church. It includes traditional religious education to supplement LBC for children pre-K through 5th grade, catechesis for parents, prayer services, and community building. Download an information brochure here.

Participants meet on Wednesday evenings through the school year.


Anticipated Mass: Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday Mass: 7 AM, 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM,                           12:15 PM and 5:00 PM

Fr. Chris' Catholic Cultural Corner



LBC or Lectionary Based Catechesis offers religious formation for children from 3 years old through 3rd grade. Children are dismissed from the worship space before the Mass begins and return to join their families at the offertory. For more information, please click here.


Totus Tuus for those going into 1st through 6th grades, is a summertime, week long, youth oriented Catholic catechetical program.  It promotes Catholic faith including virtues, sacraments and the rosary. It is held in July with registration in June.  Contact Juliette Frueh: totus@spiritofchrist.org

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week of fun filled interactive mornings where children learn bible stories and truths.  Each daily theme focuses on a bible story that is taught through songs, games, video, crafts, play and a snack.  VBS is held in June with registration in April.  Contact Eyda at: vacationbibleschool@spiritofchrist.org

4th and 5th grade: LBC no longer includes 4th and 5th grade students and Anchor classes are full. We have a very good resource called Children's Liturgy of the Word 2018-19. lt covers up to August 25, 2019. lt has everything needed: readings, preparation, material needs and discussion questions. You work with your children during the week and the Mass will be a much richer and vibrant experience for all the family.

From Liturgy Training Publications, the book costs $30.00. To order one, please email bsmith@spiritofchrist.org and include your name, phone number and email.



Lent is a season which many look forward to in our church.  Some people truly see it as the opportunity for growth which it surely is.  They also see the spiritual benefits which come from the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  As Pope John Paul II stressed, "The task of the laity is to grow in holiness".  No other time in our Church year provides so much impetus and incentive for that that "holiness growth".  Others view Lent with dread!  It is hard, it is onerous, we have to give up so many things, we can't eat meat.  This is just part of the litany of difficulties with Lent.  Probably not a great deal of "holiness growth" with that attitude.

Some practical advice and suggestions for the Lent season are in order.  First, look at Lent as your personal time in the desert.  The desert can provide a clarity of vision, purpose and determination.  When things are simplified, prayer flows easier.  And, with fasting, we raise our very bodies to a higher purpose.  Fasting always has a goal.  It is not necessarily penitential, but can signify the joining in prayer with others.  Or, it can be with the very clear purpose of intercession on someone's behalf.  Fasting expresses a generosity of spirit, uniting us with Christ in his own time in the desert.  The time we have gained with our simplicity can be turned to the acts of charity which are also called for in Lent.   Such generous action helps us to grow as well as helping our brothers and sisters in the faith.

Some practical suggestions would include: 

1)  Attend Stations of the Cross at least once as a family.  They are held every Friday during Lent at 7:00pm in the Church.  Walking the "Way of the Cross" with Jesus is a mini-pilgrimage.

2)  Grow in your faith intellectually.  Attend a "Catholic Conversations".  Perhaps Fr. Chris' presentation on "Preparing for Lent" on Mar. 4.  There are other Monday night-opportunities as well.

3)  Dive into Scripture.  Read several books of the Bible (I would suggest the Gospels), and really listen to the Word of God when at Mass.

4)  Pick out a charity.  Either assist with your "elbow grease", or assist financially.  Generosity is its own reward.

5)  Make a commitment to pray daily.  You may rely on a familiar prayer such as the Rosary, or pray Lectio Divina.  Or, simply pray int he way you know best.  

Above all, look to these 40 days as a gift.  Pray to allow God to guide you wherever you need to go this year.  Open hearts and open minds will serve us well during this truly beautiful season of prayer and penitence.