Here are the steps to add a group:

1. Log into your account at If you have never logged in, then
   you will need to put your email in and create a password.

2. Click on the 3 dots in the gray square and choose “My Info”.

3. Click on the menu item “Groups”. A list of all the groups at SOC will show.

4. If the email or text icon is blue, then you are signed up to receive that info.
    If it is gray, then you are not and need to just click on the icon to sign up.

5. Click on info and you can verify your information. It would be great if you could verify name,
    address and phone for the church database.

6. When you are done making your selections, then
    click on the x at the top left by your name.


Connect with Spirit of Christ: Get important updates from our church by email or text (your choice.). Flocknote lets you choose what info you'd like to receive from our various ministries and groups, which you also choose. You can unsubscribe any time.
There are 2 easy ways to connect:
1. Visit our parish at:
      Fill out the registration information and click "Sign Me Up."
      Select the groups you would like to receive messages and information from.
      Flocknote will send a verification email to you. - Click "Verify My Email"
2. Text the message:SOC To: 84576
      Flocknote will send you back a confirmation message AND another message asking you to CLICK a link to give name and email. You may also join groups