Almanza, Angelo
Bishop, Nicki
Chambers, Kenny
Cheatum, Sam
Cirbo, Addam
Cunningham, Nick
DeField, Jack
DeField, Mitch
Ditch, Alex
Dzierzanowski, Sean
Fanyo, Eric
Femrite, Audrey
Hart, Alec Michael
Hart, Kristen Jordan
Hawkes, Dylan
Iacovetta, Jordan
Imfeld, Caitlyn
Injured Soldiers

Jackson, David
Leishman, Tommy
Lopez, Scott
McKinney, Aubry
Nowak, Gemma
Nowak, Rebecca
Nowak, Vincent
Pilkington, Dylan
Quandy, Richie
Ross, Anthony Dean
Smith, Steve
Stager, Tommy
Strand, Michael
Taylor, Noah Mitchell
Thompson, Glinnia
Wright, Jason
Yakel, Nik

Loving God,
Bless those in service to our country with your protection.

We pray especially for: