Birthright Sewing ministry is a group of volunteers that sew, crochet, and knit various items for babies, children, adolescents, and pregnant mothers.  The group meets every other month to select fabric, notions and patterns to make items for the spring and fall clothing distribution dates.  The volunteers take these articles home to construct at their convenience. 

The recipients of the items are:

  • Migrant Ministry: We donate Newborn to older children items to this group (from our own ministry at SOC.)
  • Birthline, Inc. of Colorado: Provides girls and women with free confidential, loving and caring help throughout their pregnancy and for as long as needed. We donate Newborn to size 16 and also for pregnant mothers.
  • Alternative Pregnancy Centers: a center to care for pregnant women and offer an alternative to abortion. We donate layette sizes Newborn to 1 year.
  • Gabriel House: A ministry of Catholic Charities that reaches out to families in need, by providing emotional, spiritual, and material support. They supply diapers, toiletries, clothes, and food for children. We donate Newborn to toddler size 6. 
  • We will also donate to an individual referred to us.

There are presently 22 members of this group. At the last fall gathering the members had made over 260 items to be distributed, some of which are on the bulletin board. Our group does accept donated material, clean mattress pads, notions and working sewing machines. We’re always eager for more members. 

Contact: Dona Keating at 303-421-9339 and/or Thelma Lucci at 303-422-8873

  BIRTHRIGHT - Outreach Ministry