Three women from Spirit of Christ are honored and privileged by the Lord calling us to share in bringing His love, truth, forgiveness, healing and hope to women in Prison through Kairos Prison Ministry. Kairos also serves in 4 of our men’s facilities in Colorado. Our Mission Statement is “to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women, and youth as well as their families to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.

Our Vision is “A community spiritually freed from the effects of Imprisonment reaching all impacted by incarceration through the love, hope and faith found in Jesus Christ. Kairos began in 1976 with a 3-day "Short Course in Christianity" founded on and called Cursillo in Prison. By 1978, six states were presenting a Cursillo short course in prisons. The national Cursillo office determined the Cursillo in Prison ministries should be supervised by a central authority and that their format be modified to more closely align with inmate needs. Cursillo asked the Florida group to design such a program and the nine men who began the ministry formed Kairos International, which now serves nearly 500 prisons in 37 states and 9 countries.

We three women of Spirit of Christ join with approximately 36 other faith-filled women from other Christian denominations and meet the first Sunday of each month at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility to pray, share with and encourage residents to continue in their faith Trusting in God. We also are prayerfully asking God to lead more women to serve on the team with us and also encourage any men interested in prison ministry to contact us and we will give them a contact for men’s ministry. We are incredibly blessed to bring our 4-day program to the facilities twice a year. Our ministry at Denver Women’s does this in March and September. This is a true commitment to stewardship of time as it requires 4 Saturday all-day team meetings to form, bond and prepare the team to spend the 4 days with the residents who have never been to any Kairos program at all. Upon completing the 4-day “short course in Christianity'' they become graduates and can then continue their journey in faith by joining with us every month thereafter. We have been witnesses to so many hearts, lives and the facility environment itself being transformed by God’s grace, mercy and love. Officers and staff speak volumes about the huge change in the attitude and the way women having been through Kairos choose to do their time; they are now leading Bible Study groups in their units, mentoring new inmates with wisdom, and making the overall environment much healthier.

To be on a Kairos team does involve taking an all-day class from the Department of Corrections and then attending one 4-day program (which also includes the 4 pre-weekend training dates). Yes, it is a big time commitment, but as most of us on team love to tell the women – we see the hand of God so powerfully when we are with you here inside this prison, that we all willing tell God “THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE SENTENCE.” Most of us cannot imagine being anywhere else on the first Sunday of the month.

 For more information please contact: Sandy Miller (Kansas cell phone 316-200-7361) or email at solespoken@yahoo.com