Peace and Social Justice - Outreach Ministry

The peace and Social Justice Ministry’s mission is to study Catholic Social Doctrine and to actualize the teachings of Jesus Christ, both in our community and in the wider world.

Over the past two years, the Spirit of Christ (SOC) Peace and Justice Ministry has been working with the homeless population in Arvada. This ministry has partnered with the Severe Weather Shelter Network (SWSN), Cornerstone Church of God and A Stronger Core to provide a warm, dry and safe place for people experiencing homelessness on severe weather nights.

One of the most spiritually gratifying aspects of this ministry has been sharing our Catholic faith and love for Jesus Christ with other Christian denominations. On any given night, we could have Christians from Arvada Covenant, Cornerstone Church of God, The Vineyard, Trinity Presbyterian, Flatirons and A Stronger Core. The majority of our volunteers have had a powerful immersion experience that has brought them closer to the Holy Spirit. Those of us who have committed our time, talent and treasure to this ministry believe that this experience has changed us in profound spiritual ways. As we do this work of the Church, we cultivate our faith, grow closer to God and have become the hands and feet of Jesus.

Contact: John Ford (720) 671-5318,