Fran's Rosary Makers - Outreach Ministry

Our ministry, Fran’s Rosary maker's mission is to spread The Virgin Mary’s dedication and the blessings of praying the Rosary, the most beautiful of all devotions. Fran’s Rosary Makers at SOC, continues to gather, but in a manner different from the normal in-person meeting in a specified room. We stay connected via email, telephone calls, or the traditional USPS method.

Members communicate their requests for ordering supplies to make additional rosaries, pass along specific information or noteworthy ideas, and submit prayer petitions for them or their families and friends. A labeled plastic container in the SOC office is used for holding the bags of supplies ordered by individual members and ready for pickup, and also to accommodate the bags of finished rosaries by the members for eventual mailing to many areas of our country as well as worldwide. With the present pandemic and the rule of maintaining distance, this physical exchange mode of communication appears to be mostly successful.

In the past six months, 21 boxes of finished rosaries (each box holds about 120 rosaries) have been mailed back to Our Lady’s Rosary Makers International in Louisville, KY. They have connections with missions in other countries and priest friends who are in need of religious supplies and sacramentals such as rosaries.

The majority of our rosaries have been mailed to large, but very needy and poor parishes in Tanzania, Africa, Mbarara Uganda and Tamil Nadu, India.

We continue to welcome people who are interested in learning how to make rosaries. It is a creative ministry you can choose to participate in while remaining in the comfort of your home. In this time of unrest and deep concern, making rosaries may be the answer to generate internal peace and calm!

For information to volunteer and join our group, please call Joyce Kruger at 303-428-0603 or email to

Attached is a photo of the SOC bulletin board created by Fran’s Rosary Makers in March 2020.