Below are the names of those who are either in a hospital/institution, seriously ill or going through a difficult situation. If you have someone who needs to be added to the list, please contact the Parish office (303-422-9173). It is our policy to keep names on the Prayer List for two months. If you would like a name that you submit to be kept on for longer, please let the Parish Office know. Please pray for: 

A., Ryan *
A., Sarah *
Ames, Keith *
Ames, Rosemary *
Arch, Pat
Arch, Russ
Armijo, Madelyn
Bellio, Mike
Binole, Lisa
Birk, Adam
Branchaw, Joe *
Brantley, Stephen *
Briana & Baby
Bruni, Joanna *
Buckley, Phyllis *
Butler, Joseph *
Byersmith, Jeff *
Chaet, Sherry
Ciriaco, Sherry
Cisneros, Debby
Crum, Karen *
Deacon Charlie Hahn *
Dedomenice, Al
Dollarhide, Benjamin
Dowd-Pitts, Patricia *
Dubay, Pattie *
Dunivant, Denise
Evans, Morgan
Fries Girls *
Garcia, Mike
Hardin, Mike
Hildebrand, Rick
Horne, Joan

Ibdaiwa, Mai
Ibdaiwa, Majad
Irlando, Debi
Jodan, Ginger
Johnston, Ken
Kasper, Cecilia
Kasper, Thomas
Ketchel, Allie *
Ketchel, Frank E & Michelle *
King, Barbie
Knotz, Sue
Laughlin, Jeff
Ledesma, Brenda *
Leonard, Zachery *
Lesticow, Mark
Levesque, Olivia *
Lindberg, Kaye
Lindberg, Maddy
Lovato, Bernadette
Lovato, Ralph
Maltese, Gina
Markham, Debbie *
Martinez, Jose Luis
Martinez, Mike
Matt & Erica
Mauro, Peg *
McCoy, Bradley
McDonnell, Michelle
McKeon, Judy *
McLean, John
Meyer, Lynn *
Mondragon, Leroy *

Montague, Jim
Moore, Bernie *
Morton, Jim *
Moses, Suzanne *
Narowski, Wladyslaw
Nienaber, Mike
Politano, Cathi *
Quinta, Lorenzo *
Rea, Catherine
Ritter, Marli
Roberts, Duane
Rogers, Barbara *
Ross, Elizabeth
Ruble, Charlie *
Salazar, John
Schuster, Jim
Seid, Maria *
Smith, Larry
Spagnuolo, Gianna
St. Louis, Connie *
Stermer, Grant
Stokes, Tom & Debbie
Stolz, Andrew *
Taylor, Christine *
Trujillo, Greg
Watson, Julie
Weldon, Dave *
Wellbrock, James
Wessling, Wendy *
Wood, Scott *
Yee, Berne & Lily
Zumwalt, Jonathan