Below are the names of those who are either in a hospital/institution, seriously ill or going through a difficult situation. If you have someone who needs to be added to the list, please contact the Parish office (303-422-9173). It is our policy to keep names on the Prayer List for two months. If you would like a name that you submit to be kept on for longer, please let the Parish Office know. Please pray for: 

A, Ryan *
A, Sarah *
Abbott, Thomas Hunter *
Agakian, Gwen *
Alatorre, Ann *
Ames, Keith *
Ames, Rosemary *
Arinello, Kay
Beichley, Caleb *
Benham, Julie *
Branchaw, Joe *
Brantley, Stephen *
Brence, John
Britner, Richard
Burgardt, Mike *
Burns, Diane
Burns, Troy
Capone, Bonnie *
Cea, Tracy *
Coffie, Kimberly & Elinor

Davis, Scott
Devine, Ken
Fries Girls *
Gerteisen, Jerry *
Giles, Barbara
Gilpatric, Royce
Gilson, Amy *
Hahn, Claudia
Hahn, Ethan
Hahn, Nate
Henderson, Mary
Higgins, Dylan
Higgins, Jerimiah *
Hoelsken, Matt
Hoffman, Bernie *
Howell, Ernie *
Jacobs, Jan
John, Theresa

Johnson, Aaron *
Ketchel, "Pops"
Ledesma, Joe
Leonard, Mark *
Leonard, Zachary *
Lucero, Luanne
Mallow, Cathy *
Maltese, Gina
McNulty-Mangan, Audrey
Melisa, Rice
Mellingen, David
Meyer, Lynn *
Michals, Dennis
Michals, Joanne *
Moran, Joan
Moses, Suzanne
Muro, Barbara
Neville, Stephanie *

Nunemaker, Cathy
Ohmes, Barbara *
O'Leary, Kathy *
Ozinga, Charlie
Patton, Brad *
Preto, Vinny
Quintana, Lorenzo *
Ray & Bea
Rivera, Megan *
Roach, Judi
Roach, Travis
Sanchez, Rubel
Savage, Lorrie
Smith, Larry
Stief, Joan
Stolz, Andrew *
TeBockhorst, Joe *
Thomas, Georgia *
Van Dyke, Carson *
York, Paisley *