Stewardship is a way of life.

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We, the Funding Committee of Social Concerns Ministry, through prayerful discernment, believe our responsibility and accountability for the distribution of the parish tithe is based on furthering Catholic Christian value and empowering people to meet their most basic needs. Our charitable giving is focused on providing direct support to promote, nurture and sustain the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being of people. Percentage distribution of the parish tithe is 15% of the Parish Offertory.

MISSION STATEMENT, Funding Committee Social Concerns Ministry


We, the family of Spirit of Christ Catholic Community, believe stewardship is our grateful and obedient response to God’s redeeming love. We recognize that all creation is placed in our trust by God. We acknowledge that our ability to respond faithfully to God’s love is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Stewardship requires responsible return to God from our resources of time, talent and treasure. We further acknowledge that we are called to live out this response individually and in community.